Tent Cabins & Glamping ~ The New way to Camp!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Have you ever heard of "tent cabins" or "glamping"?

These are the new terms associated with camping! Parks and campgrounds all over the country and abroad are offering these alternative accommodations for the traveler who enjoys a rustic tent-cabin, or the traveler who opts for luxury.

"Glamping" means "glamour-camping"; for the traveler who enjoys the great outdoors, yet would still like the comforts of home.
These luxurious tent-cabins usually include hardwood floors, gorgeous bed linens, private baths, verandas and more.

For the rustic adventurer, the "tent-cabins" would be the best choice. No need to pop a tent, worry about weather conditions or sleep on the hard ground. Many of these come in different sizes for an individual traveler or a bigger party, and some offer bathroom facilities, heated cabins, and even locker rental.

For more information on "glamping", check out the
Go Glamping website.

For info on "tent-cabins", there are many sites you can visit to find one near you:

*Sweetwater Bungalows

*Big Basin Tent Cabins & Store

*Yosemite Curry Village

*Mono Hot Springs Resort

Happy Camping ~ or should I say "Glamping"?!


Lin said...

Now that I could easily do, looks very comfy!

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Yes ~ very comfy indeed! Also - thanks for sharing info on some great giveaways and contests! Happy Tuesday!

Karyn said...

Even I might go camping in a tent-cabin!