Showcase Cooking: Homemade Granola Bars

Thursday, December 8, 2011

We are a granola lovin' family, so it was in my best interest to find or create a recipe in order to make them myself. I first posted this recipe in 2008 on my personal blog, but since I have shut that one down, I thought I would share the recipe here with you.

My Recipe:

1/2 cup of soft Butter (or margarine)
3/4 cup of Brown Sugar (or sugar substitute)
1/3 cup of Light Corn Syrup
1 Egg (or 1/4 cup of Egg Beaters)
1/2 tsp of Vanilla Extract
3 1/2 cups of Quick Oats Oatmeal
1 cup of Chocolate Chips
2 tbsp of Raisins (optional)
1 pinch of Salt
1 tsp of Ground Cinnamon (optional)

(1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees
(2) Grease (or use Non-stick spray) a 9x13 cake pan
(3) Beat butter, brown sugar and corn syrup until light and fluffy
(4) Blend in egg and vanilla extract
(5) Add and mix in salt, chocolate chips, raisins and oats
(6) Press firmly into pan (don't forget the rim and corners)
(7) Sprinkle top with cinnamon (if desired)
(8) Bake for 20 to 25 minutes
(9) Cool for 2 hours
(10) Cut and serve

This recipe can also be made in a muffin pan which makes them easier to handle. Enjoy!